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prescribe v : issue commands or orders for [syn: order, dictate]

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  • a UK /ˈpɹə.skɹaɪb/ /"pr@.skraIb/ or /ˈpɹɪi.skɹaɪb/ /"pri:.skraIb//
    • the latter pronunciation is used for added distinction from proscribe.
    Rhymes: -aɪb


  1. To order (a drug or medical device) for use by a particular patient.
  2. To specify as a required procedure or ritual.
to order a drug or medical device
to specify as a required procedure or ritual
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Prescription has various meanings.
See also Proscription''
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administer, advise, advocate, apply, appoint, assign, authorize, be responsible for, bestow, brief, call the signals, captain, carry on, choose, coach, command, conduct, confer, constitute, constrain, consult with, control, counsel, cure, decide, declare lawful, decree, define, demand, determine, dictate, direct, dose, dose with, enact, enforce upon, engineer, enjoin, establish, exact, fix, force, force upon, formulate, give, govern, guide, handle, head, head up, impose, instruct, kibitz, lay down, lay on, lead, lead on, legalize, legislate, legitimate, legitimatize, legitimize, make a regulation, make legal, make obligatory, make the rules, manage, maneuver, manipulate, mastermind, meddle, mete out to, officer, ordain, order, pick out, prescribe for, propose, pull the strings, put in force, put on, put upon, quarterback, recommend, regulate, remedy, require, rule, run, sanction, select, set, set down, settle, skipper, specify, stipulate, submit, suggest, take command, take the lead, treat, validate
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